PILOT : outdoor cooking

Price: €290 (exclusive travel costs)

Where: La Strella, Ceva, Italy

When: 10-12 November

Pilot: Cooking into the wild. Together with some men and women who want to leave behind all that happens in their daily life. Find out who you are; away from what you know. Leave comfort behind but still make your own wonderful meal in the middle of nature. And a glass of wine. At night tucked up in the old farmhouse “La Strella” on the side of the hill.

For 1000s of years, the taste of smoke and fire have been part of our taste experience. For thousands of years, we have stared at the flames while our stomachs were rumbling. And still we love to look at the fire, even when we are not cooking. Those dancing flames and their effect on us will forever remain in our memory. …

Time goes by and leaves us with nice things, except time. That’s why we seem to have lost the meaning of preparing food…

In Piedmont, and certainly where we are in Strella, we can slow time down. We chop wood, prepare the rabbit and cook it to perfection on a tripod above the fire. We cook under the ground or in what we call “the small hell” that is our aged woodstove. We prepare our own bread, soup from the mushrooms we gather en we grill a Piedmont steak, or fish and greens above the fire.

Different fires, different tastes which we share together. In the autumn we want to begin the first of the “cooking in the outdoors”. There is room for eight of you. The price includes your stay at La Strella, breakfast, all the ingredients for the meals, our wine and a group portrait. In our wine cellar you will find our best local wines which you can buy for a reasonable sum. So now reserve your place in Strella…

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