To conjure by listening

You tell your story.

I listen, not saying a word, it is better not to let my opinion loose on what you are telling me. I try to hear exactly what you are saying. If I think you are being nonchalant, or telling me something you really care about, I may ask you a question.

Here, in my room in our farmhouse on a Piedmont hillside which is my retreat, the total quiet sharpened my senses as much as my experience. Above all, the experience in listening, because that is what I have been studying and practicing.

It is exciting and new doing this no longer secretively but instead stating clearly that I see new possibilities emerge from listening to what I have just been told.

And there is a fee attached because this takes me a lot of time.

So this is my invitation: should you want someone to listen to you so that you will understand yourself more, make an appointment with me.

Here I have the peace and the space, while you are probably surrounded by pressure and all it brings in your life. Seems that I can do a lot for you!

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