Dear teacher

Strella is for you a special place for when you want to take a fresh look at what you are doing in your lessons. What is your way of doing things and are they achieving what you want them to achieve? Strella is for teachers in pursuit of their ideals and who want to realise them in their classroom.

What I can offer you at Strella is a new way for you to interact with your pupils. Here you can discover ways to help a pupil who is looking for a way ahead and so make your teaching that bit more effective.

That’s when you hear yourself say: thank you pupil for being my teacher.

For twelve years I was a passionate drama teacher, tutor and later a coach. And more and more I wanted to do something to improve education. It should be about development and not just about achieving results, please! Beyond the breaks, meetings and symposia I found myself talking louder and more passionately about what I was seeing in the lessons, as well as at the birthday parties, canteen or sandpit visits. There I let everyone know my feelings about making education more attractive. But words alone achieve very little.

I decided to take a break from education to see what I had left over, away from where I had so much to say.

I am now in my fourth year on a hillside in Italy where, together with my husband, I look after our children, the house, garden, vineyards and our guests. And yes, this spring, I found my new direction: my passion for the biographical meeting of teacher and pupil.

Is it not a miracle that when you dare to step out of where you saw the problems that you suddenly see the way ahead? Like you had the solution all the time, just needing that extra help to find it.

Probably it has to do with my feeling for continuity, so evident in nature itself. The never-ending sprouting. In situations. In people. It seems you have to look yourself deeply in the eyes to know where to go.

Strella is a place where I want to offer teachers in the same way the room to look at themselves.

Teaching can be about lessons that enrich the pupils, or where you can show your love for your subject. And that is what your pupils really want from you. Who are you? What do you really care about? What do you dream about and what value does this have? This is what your pupils are looking for.

“Spiritual retreat for the teacher” is for all teachers looking for ways to enrich their lessons. The focus is on: what do the pupils or the lessons want from me?

It is for teachers with the courage to explore and be aware of their way of doing things. To become able to discover what choices they have to achieve what they want to achieve.

So what does a week at La Strella look like and what are we going to do?

We have space for ten teachers in our farmhouse, with shared rooms and bathrooms. If you want more privacy there is also room for a tent. We provide breakfast, lunch and the evening meal, as much as possible from our own garden or stall.

There is a morning and an afternoon program. Also the room throughout to be active or passive, to be together or on your own in the nature since our house lies between the vineyards and the woods.

We work in two ways, depending on the subject.

One way: stage studies where you look at how you do what since that defines who you are. How do I appear in my lessons? How do I use my voice? How do I tell stories? How do I make use of the room I am in? How do I handle surprises and how do I improvise? How do I prepare and how do I look back on what I do?

Another way: using biographical assignments and conversations, you investigate your own career. You look at what has happened in your lessons and you discover whether there were new themes that you recognise again. And what has been your inner development during this time.

You become what you experience in your lessons and the classroom is where you develop yourself…

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